The Works Of Orgonites

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Where should I even start? What was supposed to be just a brief description of the works of orgonite accumulators that got transmuted into a well-written work, capable of making anyone’s head spin like a record? At the moment, there are fourteen A4 pages in front of me, full of crucial data that needs to be shared with you, but in a way that can be easily understood by people who are not familiar with this technology. Most likely, I’ll work things out through several articles, in order to properly explain the world and nature of this mysterious energy that permeates everyone and everything.

Several questions should be answered:

  • What are orgonite accumulators made of?
  • How do orgonite accumulators work?
  • How to know if orgonite accumulators work?
  • What is the purpose of orgonite accumulators?

First, let’s start with a brief history (rebirth) of this technology. I hold it true that there is nothing new under the sun. Quite obviously, with all the technology we’ve got, we remain incapable of building something as long-lasting as the pyramids of Giza. Nikola Tesla claimed those are actually power plants. He even planned to build one in Colorado (Springs), unfortunately, free energy is not to be found on the bucket list of any billionaire, so Tesla was unsuccessful at finding the financier to undertake a project of such scale. According to torsion field studies, certain geometrical shapes (especially pyramids) made out of certain materials, and of certain sizes (phi-radio, sacred cubit, etc.), naturally produce scalar waves. Pyramids are also noted for amplifying and transmitting energy, like an antenna, which means Sir Nikola Tesla might have been on a good track! Shapes and sizes play a tremendous role in this game, as confirmed by scientists who found out that the so-called “tensor” copper coils made in the length of a “sacred cubit” (52.4 cm) vibrate at 144 Mhz.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. — Nikola Tesla

When it comes to energy (IONs), there are two types thereof:

  • DOR (destructive/deadly orgone energy)
  • POR (positive/healing orgone energy)

Surprisingly, positive ions (cations) are harmful to the human body, while negative ions (anions) are beneficial. The highest layer of the atmosphere is the IONosphere, where the “blue” color of our sky comes from. The sky actually is not blue, it’s the ions in the ionosphere whose frequency is seen by human eyes as blue color.

The Bible says God divided Heaven and Earth with a dome. If there is a dome, that’s IONosphere. The closer to God, the more Life Force there is. As bioelectric creatures, we are not only affected but also dependent on the nature of the energy that surrounds us. Due to the “electrification” of our world, we’ve got DOR (EMF) saturated. Wherever there is EMF, there is DOR (cations). As that isn’t enough, we are being sprayed all over, with aerosols made of toxins, that are also DOR saturated (which makes them toxic, to begin with). That’s how the idea and need of “busting” chem-clouds came into existence. Allegedly, the first successful test was carried out by Wilhelm Reich, in the USA (in Nevada or Arizona, if I’m not mistaken). To this day, many people confuse Sir Reich with Don Croft (and his wife, Carol), who is the “founding father” of the orgonite technology that we use nowadays. Reich’s cloudbuster was somewhat unique. Unlike modern orgonite accumulators that are meant to attract and transform DOR into POR, Reich’s “cloudbuster” was meant to accumulate DOR, only. Instead of crystals, he used water as a filter and transmuter of DOR into POR, which was then released into the atmosphere through giant copper pipes.

For some reason, water attracts and stores “Life Force” (anions), which is interesting, ’cause in some countries, people say “water is life”. They might be right, after all! That indirectly answers the question “What is the purpose of orgonite accumulators?”. The purpose is to attract and accumulate DOR (cations — negative etheric energy), stabilize it, balance it, transform it into POR (anions — healing etheric energy), and release it into the atmosphere. “Orgonites” impose an effect on the etheric energy, first and foremost, which is why they won’t necessarily reduce the EMF readings. Instead, orgonite accumulators transmute that energy into POR, unlike Faraday cages that completely block EMF.

Nowadays, nuclear power plants and cell phone towers are springing up like mushrooms after the rain, while the “smart grid” is spreading like a wildfire. Almost every house has a “smart meter”, especially in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the EU. All of those are immense sources of DOR! The population has been seduced into accepting smart technology under the premise that it will make our lives easier, which couldn’t be any further from the truth. Nevertheless, we (orgonite creators and supporters) have an opportunity to run the race, and BE the (positive) change!

The Materials & The Science Behind The Works

Orgonite accumulators are made of resin, metals, and crystals. There are key factors that must be fulfilled in order to build a functional orgonite device. In the picture that I used as a separator of the text, you can see metal shavings inside, touching each other, which means one of the crucial elements (Casimir effect) of orgonite power has been diminished. According to Sir Don Croft, orgonite accumulators should be made in 1 organic: 1 inorganic ratio (50% resin — 50% metal), however, particles of metal MUST BE separated (by resin) and must be of nano sizes, which means in the best case, orgonite accumulators that contain metal shavings instead of metal-powder are weak. When the energy produced by orgonite accumulators is measured with the life-force meter, we come to the realization that Don Croft was right on point! Accumulators made of metal powders instead of shavings are producing way more energy!

Another common mistake most orgonite creators do is the usage of non-shrinking resin, which diminishes the second most important element of orgone’s power, and that is the piezoelectric effect. When the resin dries up and shrinks, it creates an inner pressure, which squeezes crystals, and creates piezoelectricity. Then, crystals start to pulsate and send off waves (of energy). Fortunately, some crystals, like the Quartz family, are “piezoelectric” by their very nature, which means the mistake of using non-shrinking resin is somewhat forgiven in most cases.

Resin should not only be the one that shrinks but also a plant-based one, while metals should be diamagnetic. Some people use whatever metal they can acquire, which might be dangerous, ’cause after all, you don’t want to gamble and end up producing DOR. One cannot make a mistake with powders of pure copper, silver, and gold. I personally used that combination for my orgonite accumulators, and later, discovered the symbolism of those metals, which made me absolutely sure that the mixture was right. Why? Because copper symbolizes Earth, silver symbolizes feminine energy, while gold represents masculine energy. On the other hand, those three metals are the best conductors at room temperature!

Casimir effect (A.K.A. Zero-Point energy): when catIONs get drawn into the orgonite device, metal particles (that are in close proximity, but not touching each other) start repelling them, from one to another, at speeds much faster than the speed of light. That’s how scalar waves (capable of regenerating human DNA) get created! Casimir effect is also called the “Zero-Point” energy, ’cause it gets created in a vacuum, out of the ether (“nothing”), just like photons:

Piezoelectric effect: speeds up the transmutation of DOR into POR, and starts releasing the wisdom of crystals into the environment (according to scientists, quartz crystals (especially milky quartz) contain an immense amount of memory:, which is why claims that orgonite devices enhance one’s mental abilities might be true). As stated above, this effect (made by pressurizing crystals) offers a lot of health benefits: structurization of water, DNA regeneration, the rapid growth of plants, increased energy and vitality, synchronization of human-brain hemispheres, and more. According to some sources, clear quartz crystals vibrate at approximately 780 000 pulses per millisecond.

Obviously, the backbone of the entire orgonite system is the flow of ions. I have a theory that the flow (exchange: DOR -> POR) might be made faster if we heat up orgonite accumulators, ’cause heat affects the speed of ionic exchange, however, heat may also damage crystals, and resin, which is why I wouldn’t go beyond the heat of the sunlight. Perhaps, the usage of a small amount of electric power would be fine!

Naturally, everything, from creeks to ions flows in vortexes (as proven by Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger). In orgonite accumulators, copper coils are used as amplifiers and energy channels. Most often, devices come with triskelions, SBBs, helix, and/or tensor coils.

In general, coils are the least explored part of the orgonite science. Nobody really knows what difference the direction (clockwise / counterclockwise) of coils make. Some say that the direction of coils determines the direction of the flow of energy (ions). Hopefully, the truth will be discovered and revealed soon enough.

Proof Of Work

Most people wonder if it has been proven that orgonite accumulators work and positively affect the environment. My answer to the question “do orgonite devices actually work?” is: yes, they do work, and there are many proofs thereof. The produced energy can be measured with the so-called “life force meters” (you can find them here:

Click the links to find out how orgonite devices affect water:

( and plants:


In addition, here is proof by my favorite orgonite creator:


The human organism and the orgonite accumulator have one thing in common, and that’s bioelectricity. Our health conditions are for the most part nothing but reflections of the energy that surrounds us. Connecting the small dots (such as the corrosion resistance, nobility statuses, magnetism, and symbols of metals with their effects on the environment if used properly) will eventually lead us to keys of understanding, thus, possessing ancient knowledge and technology. For instance, Sir Sean Adam (who at one time was the 6th most intelligent person in the world) proved that monatomic elements (especially gold) supercharge the brain’s abilities, by instantaneous synchronization of both hemispheres. Those tests were undertaken at the Alpha Learning Institute in Switzerland. Nanoparticles of pure copper, silver, and gold have a similar effect when used as a mix in orgonite accumulators. I believe there is an excellent reason behind the price of diamonds, crystals, and “noble” metals. At the moment, we may not know their true potential, but their purpose will sooner or later be comprehended.

If you’re planning to buy orgonite accumulators and/or crystals, read my article “Fake Crystals And Orgonite Devices Dominate The Market” before placing an order!

Thank you for reading! I sincerely hope this article has successfully introduced you to the basics of the orgonite technology!

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