The Presence Of Suspicious Spiritual Entities

Occasionally, my house gets visited by suspicious spiritual entities. As a self-master, I have firm control over my mind. It’s close to impossible to frighten me, but the fear that’s coming from the depths of my soul every time I get approached by “one of those guys” is quite different. One may feel it, coming from the heart, or the core of our souls. There is only one aspect in which we may compare ourselves with spirits, and that’s intelligence. Theirs is, however, vastly superior. Almost all questions that may arise from our minds during encounters don’t actually need to be answered, ’cause the Soul already knows answers to all questions, for it is one with the Source.

There are two questions that should be answered:

  • “Why is God allowing them to visit us?”
  • “Why does darkness exist?”

Perhaps, you heard that the Lord works in mysterious ways. We may see ourselves as intelligent species, but when compared with higher levels of intelligence, we are made look like a herd of loonies. There are numerous blatantly obvious “universal” laws still waiting to be acknowledged. Our deficiencies were given birth to by our thinking, principles, and methods. We’ve been dealing with “seen” for too long.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” — Nikola Tesla

Physical-world is nothing but a reflection of the unseen, yet, even though infinitely capable, the unseen remains limited by our thinking. Everything is right there, before our very eyes, but those eyes are useless if the mind is blind. Logic needs to be forgotten about. There is nothing logical in this world. As Dan Pena would say, “ZERO! NONE!”. Take the diets for instance. You need to eat fat to lose fat. That seems illogical, right? But it’s also true.

Well, I was lucky to have the spiritual version of the first-aid kit locked and loaded. I’m not talking about spiritual guns, but candles, the light. Light is more beautiful, vivid, and majestical than all fables known to mankind. Light is superior, in all aspects. It is a Heavenly trait, and the very answer to “logical” questions I set above. There would be no light without darkness, and we’d know of no darkness without light. Indeed, the Balance is the guarantor of existence and life. Call it as you will, Ying-Yang or Karma, but it’s there.

Now, let’s for a moment identify the savior with the Light and the villain with the Darkness. Our world needs both, just as water needs oxygen and hydrogen. During the daytime, Shadows remain unseen. They’re “out lightened” by the Sun. During nights, however, the Shadows dominate, UNLESS there is someone, burning and shining as bright as the sun. It may be you, it may be me, but it may be someone as little as fireflies, which are a great metaphor for our world and this topic.

Our present-day situation is dark, yet, that’s exactly what we need to find the light. ’cause if everything was shiny and bright, nobility and true leaders would remain ignored, and unseen. The purpose of their very lives would have been in vain. You don’t need to be bigger than a firefly to save the world. The next time you get asked “Who do you think you are?”, calmly but firmly reply “I Am the Light that’s sufficient”. God doesn’t need more than a single mind. He might start with the fire in the trash can and burn down the whole house. In fact, whenever God is up to “something big”, he uses no more than one. To be SINGLE is to be complete! To experience darkness is to discover your own light. You’ll never discover your true strength unless you discover your true weakness.

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. — 2 Corinthians 12

“Why is God allowing them to visit us?”, to make us stronger. You may know how to build your physical muscles, but when it comes to spiritual fitness, there is only One trainer. Do your part the best you can, and let Him do His part! Spiritual entities are allowed to approach us for one reason, only: to expose our spiritual weaknesses. That’s the only way we can get adapted to that level of spiritual warfare. Think of soldiers, for a moment. Do I need to tell you what their pants looked like after the very first time they got exposed to the bitterness of war? But after a while, they adapted, and the fear got dissolved.

In the words of my beloved mentor, whenever fear tries to subdue you, ask for more! Traumatic experiences left him traumatized. He was trying (unsuccessfully) to run away from memories of the past, but one day (metaphorically speaking), he turned around and said: “COME! I AM WAITING!”. The doorbell never rang again. The fear got dissolved, and so did his PTSD. Try saying “I WANT MORE!” the next time you get afraid! Rest assured, if there are evil spirits and they ever hear you saying that, they will need new pants…

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. — Isaiah 41:10

Go step by step! Adapt to, and embrace every moment. Stop running away from fears, no matter how scary they might seem. Your soul is a pearl. It was made to be set free and shine!

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I shine to inspire you! 😊

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I shine to inspire you! 😊

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