Having A Perfect Health Is Easy — Advice Based On My Experience

This is just a short article on how to achieve perfect health (perfect health is not a gift nor an inborn right, but an achievement). I haven’t had any form of illness for more than 10 years. If you want to experience the perfect health, here are my suggestions:

01) Exercise daily: if you are too lazy to do push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and jogging, go for a walk. One hour of walking burns more calories than one hour of intense push-ups.

02) Do not consume refined carbohydrates and white sugar. Those are linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and even increased suicide rates among Asians and Indians.

03) Avoid electronic devices, especially smart-watches, smartphones… stay away from wifi routers, and especially 5G towers. Digital dementia is a modern plague. Limit the time you spend using your phone and computers to maximally 2 hours daily. DO NOT your phone and computers in the first hour after waking up and the last hour before falling asleep.

04) Drink clean water. I recommend carbonated water, rich in minerals.

05) Carefully choose your thoughts, and avoid news (and negative people). The frequency (energy) of their thoughts and messages can significantly decrease your mental health (it is not possible to have a healthy body without having a healthy mind)

06) Eat once a day (OMAD — one meal a day). Practicing OMAD is linked to greater production of growth hormone, mental clarity, and greater health in general.

07) Preserve your life force. Modern society is weak because people are (excuse me but this is true) ejaculating for fun. Preservation of the life force is linked to greater stamina, vitality, endurance and strength, greater will-power…

08) Consume non-GMO/strictly organically grown vegetables!

09) Limit the consumption of fruits. Fruits are not as healthy and important as we’ve been taught… ALL fruits except home-grown are treated with deadly chemicals. Consumption of such fruits guarantees DIS-eases.

10) Tune your favorite music to 432 Hz, and avoid listening to songs with destructive lyrics (messages).

11) Meditate! For 30 years old people should meditate for 30 minutes daily.

12) Follow your joy and true passions (false passions and desires lead to lower self-esteem, true passion and desire leads to a peaceful state of mind, improves self-esteem). “The joy of the Lord is my strength”, we were not meant to suffer but to follow our inner compass. Tasks that make you sick will make you sick.

To summarize, you may pray all day, every day, but if you’re intaking poison, you will get poisoned.