Guilt Complex VS. Forgiveness

“But this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before I press toward the mark.” Philippians 3:14

I grew up in a Christian family, that wanted me to learn to forgive. At a young age, I strongly disagreed with the idea of forgiveness, for lack of understanding. It seemed to me that forgiveness equals weakness. “Why should I forgive someone that intentionally hurt me? That would represent me under weak light, and teach the person that hurting me goes with no consequences.”.

However, as years were passing by and the pile of hurtful emotions was stacking up, I began to feel like a sinking ship. I felt there is a “water” entering my “boat” (soul). I was unsuccessful in whatever I intended to do, and what used to be known as a joyful spirit became a sad, bluesy man who did not even know how to smile anymore. All of the sudden, I appeared before a “wall” (realization) that forced me to choose one of two ways my life will be continued. I will either kiss the bottom of the sea and allow my weakness (inability to forgive myself and others) to sink all of my dreams, or, learn to forgive, restore the ship completely, and sail into new, happy, and clear waters.

Honestly, I felt too weak for restoration projects, so, for a while, I pretended there is no such thing as a “life indicator”. However, disbelief does not make something disappear. Regardless of our beliefs, some things, and forces are present and very real!

Shockingly, life decided for me, instead of me. It guided me, and led me into a new awareness, into new strength. It taught me of my abilities, of which the most important and powerful was the ability to forgive.

Two decades-old traumatic memories began to dissolve. As they were dissolving, I felt more and more complete, renewed. All of the sudden, I began to smile again, with the heart filled with joy. Pure, divine joy. It felt like the first love, the first romance! It was magical.

But Life did not stop there. It gave me a mission to spread awareness and teach others what I’ve been taught. So, armed with personal experience and Divine Wisdom, I am going to say a few words about one of the most destructive monsters (Guilt Complex), and God’s tool which is used to wake up the dead (metaphorically speaking).

You see, my old self had to die for a new, improved version to be born. My weaknesses had to get crucified so that I would teach to walk and act by Faith.

All of those traumatic experiences are not traumatic in my eyes anymore. They are powerful, expensive, and essential parts of the building process of a character that cannot be shaken by the troubles of this world.

So, I was wrong. Forgiveness is not a weakness, it is a strength! Being unable and unwilling to forgive are clear signs of someone’s weakness, but also, ignorance, because nobody is perfect, and nobody has gone through life without hurting someone.

Some people hurt others, but all people sooner or later hurt themselves.

Your journey of forgiveness starts and ends with you. The first step towards the destination is forgiving yourself, and getting rid of the self-condemnation. Decide to stop being your own prosecutor.

If you do not get rid of that monster, it will affect the rest of your life. If you made a mistake a long time ago, the best way to fix it is to acknowledge your mistakes and decide not to repeat them. Forgive yourself, and change your ways! Take the right turn!

“He that covers his sins shall not prosper, but whoso confesses and forsakes his sins shall have mercy.” (Proverbs 28:13)

As long as you are feeling guilty about something within your heart and within your mind, you are asking for trouble, and you are going to get it because feeling always gets the blessing (result)!

Psychiatry calls man’s failure to forgive himself a “guilt complex”, which is one of the main causes of mental dis-EASE (means it is hardening one’s life).

Scan The Mind

Scan your mind and search for the guilt complex if negative things and results keep happening to you. As stated in the previous article about the magnificence of the subconscious mind (link: ), the subconscious does not forget, therefore, consciously, you may not remember what you are feeling guilty of, but your subconscious remembers.

You must settle it quickly because as long as you are holding a grudge and having a guilt complex, you are going to keep experiencing negative results. I compared it with a balloon that is held underwater. Once we release the pressure that is holding it submerged, it reaches the surface almost instantly. That pressure is your guilt complex, while the balloon represents your soul.

Also, I would like to mention ancestral sins, for which you may be paying the price. As God for forgiveness not by mere words by but raising your awareness which will prove to the Lord that you are aware of mistakes and ready to change the course of your life! “Why should I pay the price of my ancestral’s sins?”, because “Blood is not water, an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!”, and God knows that.

Once you finish reading this article, please, go back to my previous article about the magnificence of the subconscious mind, and read it carefully. It is very important! There, you will learn how do people inherit everything, from physical appearance, over habits to poverty/riches.

I am sure many people told you that God works in mysterious ways, but so does the guilt. Some people wonder, “oh God, what I have done to make my life so hard”.., well, it could be that they are living with a guilt complex, either their own or inherited, that brings misery to them.

If this article wakes you up, you will officially become responsible for waking up the people you know! Kindly offer the solution. If they refuse, move on, and do not waste your most precious resource (time) on the people who are not willing to help themselves.

End The Self-Persecution

If you are re-thinking some of your old decisions, and acts, stop it! Self-persecution brings on self-rejection, self-destruction, and spiritual sickness.

There is nothing you can do about your past mistakes but to forgive yourself and decide not to repeat them!

Forgive, and forget. Move on with your life, so that you can grow, and experience prosperity.

After all, who hasn’t made mistakes?

Hint: God will forgive you the very moment you forgive yourself!

Keep in mind that I am not promoting psychopathic behavior that enjoys exploiting other people for one’s own benefits, and never feeling guilty about it!

Barricade To Prosperity

The greatest obstacle, roadblock, or barricade towards one’s prosperity are weaknesses, that include unforgiveness. To forgive, one must have an understanding. Weaknesses are connected, tied one to another like spider’s nets. If you discover one, it will lead you to another, therefore, you won’t make a mistake if you decide to deal with unforgiveness at first! Life will naturally lead you to the next task once you finish dealing with this one!

Holding unforgiveness means that you are identifying with the very thing you are holding a grudge against. We become what we hold grudges against!

I never liked how our father spoke with us, and acted. There was nothing noble about him. I despised him. In the end, I found myself acting the same way he was acting in times I hated him the most.

If you dislike somebody who you know has done something wrong, the ONLY right thing you can do is to forgive and move away. Do not point out his misdeeds, do not argue, FORGIVE AND FORGET.

Do not hang around with them, and do not judge them, otherwise, you will become one of them. “We become who we hang around”.

It is futile to hold a grudge in the present against someone, or something that happened or hurt you in the past, and at the same time trying to manifest joy and prosperity in your life.

Honor vs Dishonor

Honor equals respect, dishonor is a step people take right before they experience a loss caused by their own ignorance. Think about it! Every lawsuit stems from a root cause of dishonor, every relationship that falls apart is because of dishonor…

Every loss can be traced to dishonor which comes from the unsolved forgiveness issues.

Unforgiveness and prosperity are poor bedfellows! Where one exists, the other can’t!

Do not give other people the franchise to be your “enemies” or your “pain”, because whoever affects you in any way is partially dominant over you, which means partially you are weaker than they are.

Become free by mastering yourself, and defeating your weaknesses.

Affirmations For Forgiveness

Read the following affirmations aloud twice daily. In the morning, and before falling asleep!

“My mind has been made up! Right here, and right now, I am forgiving, forgetting, and releasing all grudges from my heart, and my mind.

I am forgiving all of those that have wronged me in the past, and I am forgetting their guilt.

I am forgiving myself for the mistakes I have made, and I am forgetting my guilt.

I am canceling guilt from my heart, and my mind, and I am looking to the God in me for joy, love, prosperity, success, and the perfect health.”




I shine to inspire you! 😊

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I shine to inspire you! 😊

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